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Fenway Park
(home of the Boston Red Sox)
Wrigley Field
(home of the Chicago Cubs)
Yankee Stadium
(home of the New York Yankees)
Ebbets Field
(home of the Brooklyn Dodgers)
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Fenway Park Scoreboard

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If you’re the quintessential Boston Red Sox fan, you’ve probably always loved old-school Fenway Park, with its unique dimensions, idiosyncrasies, and of course, the manually-operated scoreboard (with a crew inside hanging numbered, tin panels onto screws from panes). There’s always been a certain mystique as to what goes on inside this remnant of baseball’s past. Many a Boston Red Sox fan has wished that for just one day he or she could run the vintage, historical, old-time scoreboard monitoring the action at Fenway Park. Well, now you can!

  • Makes an unforgettable Birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Wedding Anniversary, Retirement, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Graduation gift for your favorite Boston Red Sox fan!
  • Loaded with value! You get over 150 numerical tiles and all 30 MLB city team tiles, ensuring that you’ll always have more than enough tiles to keep track of all scores. Large yellow numerical tiles for recording the current batter’s uniform number and smaller yellow numerical tiles for recording runs scored in the current half inning are also included. Comes with a durable, portable container for storing tiles conveniently and a handsome inscribed nameplate.
  • Visually stunning décor for an executive's office, den, home library or study!
  • Heavy-duty, solid wooden (Baltic Birch) design is laminated and edge banded for increased durability. Each scoreboard is individually constructed by an expert craftsman concerned with manufacturing the finest of products, using carefully selected materials to ensure longevity. There is no doubt your Scoreboard Classics™ will be a collectible and heirloom of the future!
  • Looks great in your child's bedroom or the family rec room or game room!
  • Innovative, easy-to-use tracking system gives the scoreboard a great three-dimensional look! Simply slide the changeable tiles along rails to keep score of all the action!
  • Remarkably authentic graphics and artwork accurately replicates the circa 1976 – 2002 era Fenway Park hand-operated scoreboard! Our artist has inserted graphics that faithfully depict the scoreboard door and vertical Morse code markings! Tiles with circular red and green reflective tape are included, capturing the feel of the well-known ball and strike markers.
  • The perfect décor for bars, restaurants, sports bars, sports card/memorabilia shops and sporting goods stores with a Boston Red Sox fan clientele!
  • Be creative! Use your Scoreboard Classics™ to keep score of Little League, rec softball, high school, fantasy league games and more! You may order tiles for defunct MLB teams such as “BROOKLYN" or “MONTREAL." Keep score of NFL, NBA and NHL games in the off-season!
  • Just the right size measures approximately 26 inches high by 78 inches long (approximately 2 feet by 6½ feet), ½ inch wide (thick), weighs approximately 30 pounds. Large enough for scores to be seen easily at a distance, yet small enough to fit into most prospective display areas. (Dramatic, yet practical).
  • Charmingly nostalgic!
  • Ready for instant use! Very minimal assembly required. Mounting hardware is already attached.
  • Professionally packaged.
  • Courteous, professional, attentive customer service!
  • $1,290.00 + $130.00 shipping/insurance.
  • For interior use only.
Looking for the ultimate Boston Red Sox gift for the passionate Red Sox fan in your life? One they’ll never forget? Maybe you’d like to treat yourself to an innovative, unique, exciting Boston Red Sox collectible with timeless appeal. You’ve come to the right place! Most Boston Red Sox memorabilia isn’t dynamic. T-shirts, hats, posters, autographs, jerseys – they’re all an important part of any serious Red Sox fan’s collection, but they just don’t have anything to do with what’s actually happening on the field. Ever walk into a friend’s house a few innings into a Red Sox game? If you’re a typical Red Sox fan, what’s the first thing you say? “What’s the score?” “What inning is it?” “Who’s pitching?” This is what diehard Red Sox fans live for! It may not be possible to make it to every game, but when you own a Scoreboard Classics™, it’s the next best thing to being there! You’ll stay on top of all the action! Post scores of out of town games. Celebrate the latest Red Sox triumph with friends. Be an active participant in the drama that unfolds all season, from spring training – when hope springs eternal, through the dog days of summer, to the brisk autumn air of postseason baseball. Join the Red Sox through all the ups and downs of a pennant race that mirrors life itself! Don’t just watch the game. Live the game. Your own hands-on, authentic Scoreboard Classics™ will keep you part of the action season after season! A Scoreboard Classics™ never goes out of style!
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